New article in Autophagy

Mike contributed to this article published in collaboration with Drs. Vivien and Roussel from the Normandie University (Inserm UMR 1237).

2021 – Thrombolysis by PLAT/tPA increases serum free IGF1 leading to a decrease of deleterious autophagy following brain ischemia.  Thiebaut A.M., Buendia I., Ginet V., Lemarchand E., Boudjadja M.B., Hommet Y., Lebouvier L., Lechevallier C., Maillasson M., Hedou E., Déglon N., Oury F., Rubio M., Montaner J., Puyal J., Vivien D., and Roussel B.D.  Autophagy. 14:1-21. 

doi: 10.1080/15548627.2021.1973339.